::Norwegian Impressions

The below commercials for a Norwegian supermarket were so well targeted and placed to reach their audience that its viewers couldn't get enough. The commercial expanded from just airing on TV to YouTube as well.

This food chain's goal was to find all the easy they could make an emotional appeal. With humor, happiness, love etc. The stores slogan is ?The easiest is usually the best? The ads are scenarios where the parent is trying to tell the kid something that could be hard to explain and instead of saying it straight out, they make it more complicated then it is. The kids know what the parents are trying to say and simplify it, despite their age.

These REMA 1000 commercials had a huge word of mouth and by expanding to YouTube they were able to significantly increase the commercial's impressions.

Mother: Oh, I think maybe Doffen is a little tired. Maybe he just need to relax for a while.Hey, mommy is going to get a cup, and mommy will take Doffen to the country, so he can be at the holiday colony with Ole and Dole, so he can be there and feel how it is to take care of himself.

Girl: What´s up?

Boy: Doffen is dead!

Text: The simplest is often the easiest

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Janne, kommenterer tilbake

27.feb.2011 kl.23:06

morsome reklamer :)

Ingeborg Gulla

27.feb.2011 kl.23:14


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