To reach your audience you need to know their cultural insights both country culture and regional culture to be able to target them. SMFB is an advertising agency in Oslo, my hometown, that I believe is the best at placing their ads, and in return they are the most profitable agency in Norway.

The commercial runs during primetime all week, however, they increase the frequency of the commercial airing on Friday and Saturday nights. This is the time of the week when most Norwegian families spend time together by gathering around the TV to watch family shows. In Norway, this is a perfect time to reach both target audiences at once. The reason they want to reach both of these groups is because the children are the one that wants the phone, and are going to persuade parents to buy it.

To appeal to both of their targets, SMFB has made a commercial to focus on the emotions of kids ages 10-15 and their parents. The boy in the commercial gets super excited that his parents are getting him a cell phone, but before they even get the chance to tell him the restrictions with getting the phone he is already imagining all of the opportunities he will have with it.

What appeals to the Norwegian children watching this ad is how Americanized it is. All the scenarios the boy is in are like a movie to them and not real situations that would happen in Norway. The attraction for being like the superstars in movies has had a huge positive impact on one of their target audiences: children. SMFB utilized this cultural insight to their advantage in planning and buying for this commercial.

It is attractive to the parents because they can control the phone plan and control what the kid is viewing and using their phone too. As you can see in the commercial it is not always the kids have the same perception on what you can uses the phone to.


The TV Commercial titled Bipper was done by Smfb Oslo advertising agency for product: Tele2 Norway (brand: Tele2) in Norway. It was released in the Oct 2010.

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