::At the end of the day, in advertising, the client has to make a profit so the agency can in turn also thrive. I have experience turning a profit through social media. Our ski team did a fundraiser and not only met, but we exceeded, our budget goals.


Help us get to Nationals!

If you haven't already heard, these past two weekends have been a huge success for the Oles! First, the St. Olaf Ski Team became Divisional Champions, taking home 11/12 possible medals, sweeping the podiums, and upsetting the other USCSA teams. Second, we just got back from Marquette, MI, braving the snow storm and the long hours in the van, but still coming home with the gold! Regional champions on both the men's and women's side, meaning we are headed to Nationals in two weeks! For more results, be sure and read the post below... and check-out live-timing.com!

As many of you may know, the USCSA National Championships are being held in Sun Valley, Idaho this year. To attend, our team has purchased 12 airline tickets (5 varsity skiers plus one alternate for both the men's and women's teams). However, our current annual budget simply cannot handle the magnitude of this expense. To help offset a portion of this cost, we have developed a sponsorship program to match your contributions with individual skiers and their trip to the national event. GOAL:We need your help in raising $100 per skier to go towards their airline tickets for Nationals.

To give you an inside look at the team and who you're helping through these sponsorships, we'll start by highlighting Junior Max Lund
Max is an economics major at St. Olaf, and also plays outside midfield for the soccer team. Fresh off of victories in both the slalom and giant slalom at the Regionals championships at Marquette, MI over this past weekend, Max is an integral part of our team. We absolutely need his skills and experience if we are to live up to our potential in Sun Valley. Please help Max get to the national event! Any size donation can help offset our $100 goal for Max. 10 people giving $10, 5 giving $20, or 1 giving $100...you get the idea.

To help us pay for these plane tickets, go to www.stolafskiing.blogspot.com and click on the "GIVE NOW!" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. There you can add your sponsorship.

Thanks so much for your generous support,
St. Olaf Ski Team


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