::The Power of Viral Media

"Change is hard. Change is hardest on those caught by surprise. Change is hardest on those who have difficulty changing too. But change is natural; change is not new; change is important"-Thomas Friedman

Advertising has changed dramatically over the last five years.  Where will it be in five years? The social media landscape is gigantic and rapidly changing. What has changed the most is how fast and effectively a message reaches a large number of the targeted consumers. The average consumer spends most of their time on web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other comparable sites.Viral videos are viewed and shared by millions, and the salience is high because the videos are available to an audience for a substantial amount of time.

::  Because I know that change is good thing, not only do I find new opportunities, I benefit from unexpected opportunities that come my way.

Only the power of viral media could get a 10-year-old 12,573,914 views, a performance at The Ellen Show and a duo with Lady Gaga in only 7 days.



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hun var god til og synge

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