I helga hadde vi River Boat. Som er som et slags ball, men for college students. Vi var ca 250 stk fra St. Olaf som var på båten. 



::Norwegian Impressions

The below commercials for a Norwegian supermarket were so well targeted and placed to reach their audience that its viewers couldn't get enough. The commercial expanded from just airing on TV to YouTube as well.

This food chain's goal was to find all the easy they could make an emotional appeal. With humor, happiness, love etc. The stores slogan is ?The easiest is usually the best? The ads are scenarios where the parent is trying to tell the kid something that could be hard to explain and instead of saying it straight out, they make it more complicated then it is. The kids know what the parents are trying to say and simplify it, despite their age.

These REMA 1000 commercials had a huge word of mouth and by expanding to YouTube they were able to significantly increase the commercial's impressions.

Mother: Oh, I think maybe Doffen is a little tired. Maybe he just need to relax for a while.Hey, mommy is going to get a cup, and mommy will take Doffen to the country, so he can be at the holiday colony with Ole and Dole, so he can be there and feel how it is to take care of himself.

Girl: What´s up?

Boy: Doffen is dead!

Text: The simplest is often the easiest

::Strategic Marketing Plan

::Here is a sample of a marketing plan I worked on that demonstrates my ability to research and test. @the_Lucky_13, you don't have to read it all! It may look boring but you know the value of seemingly "boring" research. 







To reach your audience you need to know their cultural insights both country culture and regional culture to be able to target them. SMFB is an advertising agency in Oslo, my hometown, that I believe is the best at placing their ads, and in return they are the most profitable agency in Norway.

The commercial runs during primetime all week, however, they increase the frequency of the commercial airing on Friday and Saturday nights. This is the time of the week when most Norwegian families spend time together by gathering around the TV to watch family shows. In Norway, this is a perfect time to reach both target audiences at once. The reason they want to reach both of these groups is because the children are the one that wants the phone, and are going to persuade parents to buy it.

To appeal to both of their targets, SMFB has made a commercial to focus on the emotions of kids ages 10-15 and their parents. The boy in the commercial gets super excited that his parents are getting him a cell phone, but before they even get the chance to tell him the restrictions with getting the phone he is already imagining all of the opportunities he will have with it.

What appeals to the Norwegian children watching this ad is how Americanized it is. All the scenarios the boy is in are like a movie to them and not real situations that would happen in Norway. The attraction for being like the superstars in movies has had a huge positive impact on one of their target audiences: children. SMFB utilized this cultural insight to their advantage in planning and buying for this commercial.

It is attractive to the parents because they can control the phone plan and control what the kid is viewing and using their phone too. As you can see in the commercial it is not always the kids have the same perception on what you can uses the phone to.


The TV Commercial titled Bipper was done by Smfb Oslo advertising agency for product: Tele2 Norway (brand: Tele2) in Norway. It was released in the Oct 2010.


::At the end of the day, in advertising, the client has to make a profit so the agency can in turn also thrive. I have experience turning a profit through social media. Our ski team did a fundraiser and not only met, but we exceeded, our budget goals.


Help us get to Nationals!

If you haven't already heard, these past two weekends have been a huge success for the Oles! First, the St. Olaf Ski Team became Divisional Champions, taking home 11/12 possible medals, sweeping the podiums, and upsetting the other USCSA teams. Second, we just got back from Marquette, MI, braving the snow storm and the long hours in the van, but still coming home with the gold! Regional champions on both the men's and women's side, meaning we are headed to Nationals in two weeks! For more results, be sure and read the post below... and check-out live-timing.com!

As many of you may know, the USCSA National Championships are being held in Sun Valley, Idaho this year. To attend, our team has purchased 12 airline tickets (5 varsity skiers plus one alternate for both the men's and women's teams). However, our current annual budget simply cannot handle the magnitude of this expense. To help offset a portion of this cost, we have developed a sponsorship program to match your contributions with individual skiers and their trip to the national event. GOAL:We need your help in raising $100 per skier to go towards their airline tickets for Nationals.

To give you an inside look at the team and who you're helping through these sponsorships, we'll start by highlighting Junior Max Lund
Max is an economics major at St. Olaf, and also plays outside midfield for the soccer team. Fresh off of victories in both the slalom and giant slalom at the Regionals championships at Marquette, MI over this past weekend, Max is an integral part of our team. We absolutely need his skills and experience if we are to live up to our potential in Sun Valley. Please help Max get to the national event! Any size donation can help offset our $100 goal for Max. 10 people giving $10, 5 giving $20, or 1 giving $100...you get the idea.

To help us pay for these plane tickets, go to www.stolafskiing.blogspot.com and click on the "GIVE NOW!" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. There you can add your sponsorship.

Thanks so much for your generous support,
St. Olaf Ski Team


::The Power of Viral Media

"Change is hard. Change is hardest on those caught by surprise. Change is hardest on those who have difficulty changing too. But change is natural; change is not new; change is important"-Thomas Friedman

Advertising has changed dramatically over the last five years.  Where will it be in five years? The social media landscape is gigantic and rapidly changing. What has changed the most is how fast and effectively a message reaches a large number of the targeted consumers. The average consumer spends most of their time on web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other comparable sites.Viral videos are viewed and shared by millions, and the salience is high because the videos are available to an audience for a substantial amount of time.

::  Because I know that change is good thing, not only do I find new opportunities, I benefit from unexpected opportunities that come my way.

Only the power of viral media could get a 10-year-old 12,573,914 views, a performance at The Ellen Show and a duo with Lady Gaga in only 7 days.




Bli med Zara Backstage

Bli med Zara backstage, med den nye vår kolleksjonen, jeg elsker de fargerike buksene!!!<3


I helga var vi oppe i Marquette Michigan for å delta på Regionals! Og vi reiste hjem med Gul storslalom of slaom!!!:) Hurra!! Så nå er vi kvalifisert til å reise til Nationals i Mars!!! Da møter vi de beste skolene i i hele USA!! Så nå ligger vi i hard trening fram mot det! Jeg vant også "Ryan Smith Sportsmanship Award " som kom kjempe utvented!! men utolig kjekt å vinne! Jeg er vist den første i St. Olafs historie til å vinne den:) Så det var jo kjempe stas! hehe

Jente og gutte laget med pokalene!

Vinnerene av "Ryan Smith Sportsmanship Award" :):)

Gutta tok rent bord med Gul, sølv og bronse!! Grattis!!



::Everything Talks. But certain strategies like effective placement produce more fruitful conversations. A Media Pioneer, like myself, can recognize when as placement is effective.

As a Media planner I would use statistical models to determine what is  the best media plan for the client, based on the maximum media effectiveness for the client.There are other mediums to distribute the budget to than radio, print and TV. However, it all depends on the product, which determines where to place the ads based on the clients objective and budget. Here are some examples of well placed ads that demonstrate they know how to reach their audience.

Big Prints on Buildings  may seem as if the whole building belongs to the company. After putting some creativity into your message, it could render tremendous success! Besides being displayed 24 hours a day, ads on buildings also target a specific geographic audience.

Anando Milk "Superhuman Powers" Milk is a important nutrition for people to grow stronger. With Anando milk you will get "superhuman powers" and can move buildings. It is a well placed in the bigger city of India, Mumbai and not in a rural area of India. Mumbai is the capital of India and are going to be view by the more people then in a smaller city. Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Mumbai, India

Advertising Agency:TM Advertising, USA Dallas


You need to catch the costumers attention in places where they least expect it!

Colgate's Ad "Don't Forget" is a  well placed as for reminder especially kids who loves ice cream to brush their teeth after eating sweets. By eating the ice cream they will be reminded to do it by the ad and not my their parents that time.  Advertising Agency: Y&R, Bangkok,Thailand

The Rimmel quick dry Nail polish ad is  well placed in a big shopping are in downtown London. If I was a media planner I would snatch up this location because here we  will meet  our perfect target for my client -- Young girls and women. Advertising Agency: JWT London ( watch out for this one;)


Bus Shelter Ads Are Always a hit! They work for you 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We will reach a lot of drivers and riders from a variety of geodemographics. Because riders tend to see these ads everyday, the message becomes perpetually ingrained in their memories.

Lets be real, who isn't bored to death waiting for a bus, so everyone would thank advertisers for giving a little game to play, and eventually maybe even buy the product later! Challenge: Create customer awareness of the new Coca-Cola Grip Bottle's functional design.  Solution: Posters printed on Velcro were placed in bus shelters in Paris allowing people to interact with the grip. Results: people literally hooked on the campaign. On the whole, a 3.8% brand volume growth in France compared to 2007. Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France

The Australian Post Office "Personalize your own stamps" really comes true here when the person see themselves in the mirror. Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia

Open Happiness? Real Coke bottles settled to the mock-up cold refrigerator. On a warm day in Turkey, mocking people they could have cold coke can make them  desire  a coke so much they actually will go buy a coke at a store close by waiting for the buss. Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul, Turkey

Fiji Travels "Throw away your clots" Is a well placed ad in Oslo where a lot of people travel with the subway and bus. Its a time a year when a lot of people are dreaming to go to wormer places in Norway. You can see that it is a business person who has taken his clothes of which relates to the majority of people who are traveling with buss and the subway. Thousands of people drives by or stand by this stop and will be seen my many Norwegians on a cold fall day. And they could do more then just dream about leaving Noway. Advertising Agency: TBWAOSLO, Oslo, Norway

Everything Talks!


Creative Proposal!?

A very creative proposal or what?

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